How to be a great lacrosse defender

As with most lacrosse positions, defenders come in all shapes and sizes, a players ability is not solely determined by his/her physical stature but there are characteristics that make a player a better defender and that we look for when placing players in positions. The first thing we look for is good footwork.  The key Read more about How to be a great lacrosse defender[…]

Lacrosse defense, up close and personal with GoPro helmet-cam

Recently we attached a GoPro to the helmet of Mason lacrosse defender, Nick Bosticco, and the attached video shows the view from a defensive player but probably more importantly, the audio tells you how important it is to communicate with your fellow defenders.  Go for a ride on the GoPro helmet cam and get a Read more about Lacrosse defense, up close and personal with GoPro helmet-cam[…]

Individual Defensive Drill

The theme of the day is defense and when it comes to defense, approach is everything!  Lacrosse players come from everywhere, but a fair share come from football and basketball and as much as we love to have those players, the do come with one tragic flaw, they love to square up with the attacker Read more about Individual Defensive Drill[…]

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