Lacrosse Academy Summer 2017

The Limpert Lacrosse Academy has converted to an on demand format for this summer (2017).  In the past we have set up clinics with dates and times and attempted to find the right mix for all, however,  last year that left us with to few matching schedules.

This summer if you have a small group of boys or girls and would like to coordinate dates and times that work well for your group we can attempt to meet your needs and make it happen.

Our staff can expand to the size of your group.  If your group is 4-5 players or less who are of comparable skill levels then Coach Limpert can work directly with you.  If your group is larger then we can expand the staff and have current high school and college players assist as we have in the past.  Pricing will be on an individual basis determined by number of players and staffing needs to serve those players.

Please coordinate directly with Coach Limpert by email at if you would like to explore your options.

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