Individual Defensive Drill

The theme of the day is defense and when it comes to defense, approach is everything!  Lacrosse players come from everywhere, but a fair share come from football and basketball and as much as we love to have those players, the do come with one tragic flaw, they love to square up with the attacker Read more about Individual Defensive Drill[…]

Big news at the Limpert Lacrosse Academy

Okay fans, this is going to be a bit of a shocker, but after 12 years Coach Limpert is adding boys lacrosse to his skills and next summer we will be offering both boys and girls lacrosse training!  Yes, that’s right its time to get the boys involved in continuous improvement of their game and Read more about Big news at the Limpert Lacrosse Academy[…]

Summer clinic a success in 2014!

Another summer of youth lacrosse training has come and gone and another 50+ players have been successfully transitioned to the next level of girls lacrosse.  What is the next level? Well, that all depends on where they are when they started.  We had players who had never touched a stick before, and now they know Read more about Summer clinic a success in 2014![…]

The big impact of trick shots

As a coach, I’ve always been a stickler for fundamentals and ensuring players master the basics before moving on to the intermediate and advanced stuff, and mostly that hasn’t changed in my coaching style over the years.  That said, I’ve always been a fan of the impact play or shot, that one event in a Read more about The big impact of trick shots[…]

1v1 defense, its not as difficult as we make it.

Yesterday at our academy, MacKenzie (Kenz) Parsons (former University of Cincinnati player), discussed with out girls the art of 1v1 defense. Kenz essentially said you have to remember 3 key things; 1. Watch the hips (think Shakira, “hips don’t lie”).  Wherever your attackers hips go, so goes her body.  Head and shoulder and stick fakes Read more about 1v1 defense, its not as difficult as we make it.[…]

Limpert Lacrosse Academy 2014 registrations open now!

The Limpert Lacrosse Academy for 2014 is now open to for registrations. You can download the registration file at the this link LacrosseAcademy2014RegistrationComplete Please note, there are discounts for early registration and $100 off if you refer another player who has never attended the academy and that players signs up. If you get more than Read more about Limpert Lacrosse Academy 2014 registrations open now![…]

Girls Lacrosse Resources

Welcome to my blog about all things related to girls lacrosse at all levels from high school on down to first grade. This blog is for coaches and players alike, and it is a place were we can develop a community that makes us and our game better. There are a couple of reasons I Read more about Girls Lacrosse Resources[…]

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