Stick tricks,,, not just for the ultra-talented…

So you’ve spent some time on YouTube and watched your fair share of lacrosse videos on how to do this or that, highlights of one game or the other or most likely just typed in “stick tricks” and watched Mikey Powell or Jen Adams do some fancy stick trick  and thought; “it must be nice Read more about Stick tricks,,, not just for the ultra-talented…[…]

Wall ball, if you’re not into it, you need to be!

Okay, so lets get started. As far as I’m concerned when it comes to lacrosse, boys or girls, the key is putting in the time on the wall. Actually, its more than that, its putting in quality time on the wall. I’ve seen too many players head to the wall who never saw the gains Read more about Wall ball, if you’re not into it, you need to be![…]

Girls Lacrosse Resources

Welcome to my blog about all things related to girls lacrosse at all levels from high school on down to first grade. This blog is for coaches and players alike, and it is a place were we can develop a community that makes us and our game better. There are a couple of reasons I Read more about Girls Lacrosse Resources[…]

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