The 2-3-1 boys lacrosse offense, use it in any situation

When I switched back to coaching boys lacrosse the first offense I installed was the 2-3-1 (I count from midfield down to attack).  The 2-3-1 or “muscle car” offense as our team calls it, has all the horsepower you need to attack at both man to man and zone defenses and score well.  I’ve even seen teams at all levels use it in man up situations and its worked well there to.

In the video attached to this blog I diagram and explain the offense in detail so that you can determine if it works for your team and fits your talents.  The video will also tell you the 4 simple rules players have to follow to make it work, and in the second half of the video you will be show how players can get creative inside those rules as well.  Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions in the comment field below.  If more explanation is necessary I’ll create a followup video or host a Google Hangout so we can discuss it.

Lets get better together!

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